History of Rap IV – Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

17 March 2013

Here they go again… the funkiest white dudes performing some more hip hop classics with the Help of The Roots

6 Year Old B-Girl Gets Busy in “Baby Battle”

17 March 2013

6 year old Bgirl Terra from the British crew “Soul Mavericks” killed her competition in the under 12 yr old “baby battles” in Paris a couple of weeks ago. Murder on the dance floor!!

Cotton & Bass Spring 2013 Collection

14 March 2013

“Oh mien Gott, this new Cotton & Bass collection ist besser than my grandmother’s kartoffelsalat” – Karl Lagerfeld

The State of the Music Industry

4 March 2013





EPMD – Unsung (Full Documentary)

3 March 2013


here is a 36 minute documentary of one of my all-time favorite rap groups ever! (yeah, I said rap groups, and not rap duos, because DJ Scratch was a big part of it).
Brentwood, Long Island, You Gots To Chill, So Whatcha Sayin, the recording process, the dope samples they used before everyone else, The Hit Squad, the breakup (which is still one of the most devestating moments of my hiphop life), the reunion… strictly underground funk, keep the Crossover!

ESPN – Gotta Be The Shoes

14 February 2013

Happy 50th MJ!!

ESPN takes a closer look at the global phenomenon that was — and still is — the Jumpman, from the controversial Air Jordan 1 to the retirement-era Jordan 10 and its highly coveted successors. Above all, “Gotta Be The Shoes!” is an exploration of a man who became a brand and who has managed to remain a cultural icon a decade after his final retirement.

Inside The Actors Studio – Dave Chappelle

25 January 2013

More Inside The Actors Studio… I just love watching these! Since laughing is good for you, below are a few other comedy genius bonuses.

(Note that these exist with just about every other Hollywood genius that has made me love the movies, youtube you are awesome thank you.)

Eddie Murphy
Chris Rock
Ricky Gervais
George Carlin
Jamie Fox
Mike Myers
Martin Lawrence
Jim Carrey
The Cast of the Simpsons
Will Smith

Making of Kendrick Lamar’s “Real”

23 January 2013


Checkout Terrence Marin as he breaks down the ingredients in this Gumbo of good music. This song not only hit my ears, but it hit my heart as well, Soulful Hip Hop at it’s best…


“certain times it’s better to feel the bass than hear it” – Dr Dre

The Making of Kendrick Lamar’s “Sherane” Beat

22 January 2013

Checkout the making of one of the dopest tracks on K Dot’s dope album, produced by Tha Bizness

Bad NFL Lip Reading

22 January 2013

first of all, My Niners are in the Super Bowl and I’m in NFL happy spirits. Now, even though this clip has over 19 million views, this is just too hilarious not to put up here…


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